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Boujee Boutique


A successful brand takes account of everything that the customers need. This is why Boujee Boutique is one of the most reputable brands with its live sessions on Facebook and customers worldwide. Unlike any other typical brand, Boujee Boutique broadcasts its products on live streaming for people to have a good look before ordering the products. The items can be quickly returned to the store within five days if it is not up to par with the detailed return policy. 


The mission of Boujee Boutique is to cater to the needs of women. As a lady, the owner of Boujee Boutique, Stephanie wants to make sure that every woman feels empowered after wearing the products that she is offering. The wide range of products with an affordable price and very reasonable return and shipping policies is what makes this brand top-notch. 


The products range from tops to home goods which means that now you can have everything under one roof. Furthermore, you can also find a variety of sizes in every product. Take the tension off your shoulders. You can quickly get your size.


Products and Services of Boujee Boutique


The new arrivals at the store will make you look effortlessly beautiful. With these new arrivals, you can upgrade your cupboard. Go through the following list:


  • Summer Tunic Tank Top 

Pair this beautiful tank top with jeans and joggers to have a beautiful outlook for the summer parties. Available in eight stunning colors, this top will make you look ethereal as you go out for a drink with a friend. 


  • Gypsy Jazz Groovy Slip-on Shoe

Want to show the world your best shoes? Well, with these Groovy slip-on shoes, you can easily do that now. Just bring out your favorite outfit to pair them with these trendy shoes as you go out for a nice walk with friends. 


  • Tye Dye Palazzo pant

Want to try something different this summer? With these beautiful tye and dye pants, you can make yourself shine among your friends and colleagues. Whether it is someone's birthday party or a casual lunch date with your friends, pair them with a simple tee to give.


  • Gypsy Jazz Wild Ride Slip-on Shoe

Tired of your old shoes? Well, don't feel sad anymore as we have just the right shoes for you this summer. These Jazz Wild ride slip-on shoes are available in different colors and sizes, which means if you want to twin these shoes with your friend or a little sister, you can surely do that. 


  • Pink Paisley Joggers

Fashionable and comfortable when mixed, it presents to you the pink paisley joggers. With these high-waisted comfortable and mixed colors, you can easily match it with any shirt from your wardrobe. Ready to go on a walk in these comfy paisley joggers? Well, what are you waiting for?


  • Black high waist distressed leggings.

Available in seven sizes, these high waist leggings are our last pick for the trendy new arrivals of summer. Pair these beautiful leggings with a simple white or black tee as you plan your day out with friends. Or wear it to the seaside as you like.


Let's have a detailed look at the three best and most popular products of the Boujee Boutique.


Top 3 best-selling Products of the Boujee Boutique

Summers are just around the corner, and the never-ending parties are going to start any day now. This is why Boujee Boutique has just the right products for you to flaunt. We know how much an accessory can add style to your overall look. But this look will make you highlight and shine in your friend's group or wherever you go. With the proper styling and the matching outfit, you can flaunt your look with these trendy summer bags and sunglasses as you plan your next getaway at the beach. Pair these Neoprene or braided leather tote bags with your beach outfit and glow differently under the sun this holiday.


Neoprene large tote handbag

Product link: https://www.boujeeboutiques.com/products/boujee-neoprene-handbag?_pos=1&_sid=66721a295&_ss=r&variant=39268256546982


Choosing a trendy and durable handbag is one of the most complex decisions. But not anymore as Boujee Boutique brings their ever so stylish and heavy-duty Neoprene large tote handbag. Now you don't have to care about your bags wearing out due to overuse. Neoprene is one of the most liked materials for handbags as it is oil and water-resistant. It is harder and more robust, which makes the product made from it more durable.


Not only women but teenagers can also use these bags due to the twenty-eight different colors available. Now flaunt your stylish bags while you are out partying with friends. Due to the indestructible material, this bag becomes the top-rated choice for women across the world. The capacity of the bag is as big as it can hold seven big towels inside it when you have a beach day planned. Not only as a beach bag, but you can use it for going shopping, work, school, or at any casual outing. 


Furthermore, you can easily wash it in gentle mode on the machine. Now you don't need to worry about washing bags with your hands. The bag is water repellent which gives the surety of the contents inside your bag to stay safe. There is also a small wallet as a combination in which you can put your keys for safekeeping. The material of the bag makes it easier for you to wipe the dirt off your bag. In this way, you can take good care of your bag as it has low maintenance. The magnetic closure ensures the safety of your contents. 


The 28 stunning colors attract the eyes of everyone due to their beautiful colors. There are printed as well as simple designs available that will complete your overall look. If you are a workaholic, just buy the printed designs with sober colors such as black and grey to give a different vibe to your overall look. 


So what are you waiting for? Just pick one design and order yours today to show off to your friends and colleagues. Or you can also gift this bag to your colleagues or friends.  


Braided leather tote bag

Product link: https://www.boujeeboutiques.com/products/braided-bicast-leather-tote-bag?_pos=1&_sid=fd15a6cd1&_ss=r


Summers are all about having fun and exploring your true self. But for women, it can get a lot of struggle if they do not find the right vibe with the accessories for holidays. That is why Boujee Boutique presents its customers with their evergreen and elegant summer bags. These bags are called braided leather tote bags as the material used in their making is PU leather. Polyurethane leather is one kind of artificial leather that is resistant to water. So how about taking the bag with you to the beach? The bag is made of pure vegan material, and thus it has longer sustainability. You won't be in need of changing bags more often if you grab this beautiful bag.


Moreover, the Braided leather tote bag is available in five beautiful colors. Pick one you desire and which matches precisely with your vibe to flaunt it wherever you go. The Pink and Gold colors are the perfect picks when you are out partying or at the beach. Whereas the other three colors, black, grey, and copper, will serve your office look.


There is a small and detachable matching bag inside of which you can place your makeup essentials. You can also add the keys or cards inside if necessary. The soft handles make it easier for you to carry it even for a long time. The leather tote bag is the perfect pick for you this summer. So what are you waiting for? Order yours now and complete your summer look with beautiful and stylish tote bags. 


Clear frame round sunglasses

Product link: https://www.boujeeboutiques.com/collections/accessories-1/products/clear-frame-round-lense-sunglasses


Available in three colors, Boujee Boutique once again brings the trendy summer look for its customers. The clear frame round glasses are what you need to complete your look while you are planning a beach party. The fashion era of the nineties inspires this design. These colors are so beautiful that a person may not stop until he has all three dazzling colors. 


What adds the cherry on top is that the lenses are polarized. Now you need not worry about the powerful glares of the sun as these trendy glasses will cover your eyes. This is why these glasses become the top choice for most people, especially when they have planned pool and beach parties. Play for as long as you wish to in the sun without having to care about partial blindness or aches at all. Pink, blue and grey colors will add the fashionista look to your overall outfit, whether it's just a casual outing at the mall or a beach party planned by friends. 


Moreover, the sturdy frame keeps the lenses intact, and the robust casing keeps the glasses safe when you are not using them. So what are you waiting for? Just grab your glasses after ordering them straight from the shop. Adding glasses to your overall look will make you look more trendy and stylish this summer.


Shipping and Privacy Policy of the Boujee Boutique


The shipping policy is also very generous as there is no shipping fee for domestic orders. So if you are located in the same area as Boujee Boutique, you won't be paying for any shipping fees at all. As for the international customers, you only need to pay an amount of $15 for the shipment. The orders reach the destination within 4 to 6 business days, and as for the local people, there are no charges for picking up the order. Boujee Boutique will not only give you the style but the confidence to carry them as well. 


The brand's privacy policy ensures that whatever you share with the store remains encrypted as your personal information needs privacy. But this doesn't mean that anything happens without your consent, as it is our top priority. The personal information is just to provide you with the services that we offer here at Boujee Boutique. One of the best things about the brand is that you can ask us to erase your information from our database, and it will be gone as if never there. 


What is more left now? Just visit the store and look at all the different styles that are waiting for you to be picked up. With these beautiful outfits in the store, you can make a perfect go-to look for the summer. Not only that, but you can also gift these to a friend for their birthday. With these affordable prices, you can easily renew the outfits for the summer and flaunt your look. Go to Boujee Boutique now and revamp that wardrobe! We promise quality assurance, satisfaction, and clothes that will last a lifetime!

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