Sterling Silver Heart Mood Ring

Sterling Silver Heart Mood Ring 

I love mood rings because they are so unique and fun. There is many ways to explain your moods but this one shows it all. Not only does it change color but it is in a heart shape as well.

  • Genuine Sterling Silver 925
  • Mood heart stone in center
  • Changes color with mood 
  • Available in sizes 6 and 7.5
  • Hand crafted in St George, Utah

What the Colors mean.

  • Amber: Nervous, Unhappy, Cool
  • Green: Average, Calm
  • Blue: Emotions are changed, Active. Relaxed
  • Violet: Passionate, Excited, Very Happy
  • Black: Tense, Nervous
  • Gray: Strained, Anxious

Stone is approx 1" at its biggest points