About Us

Hello and welcome to Boujee Boutique! I'm Stephanie, the owner.

Thank you for stopping by to learn a little more about us!
I began my retail career as a 20-year old single mom working as an hourly associate at Walmart. I stayed with the company for almost 15 years, working my butt off to rise through the ranks. When I finally parted ways with Walmart, I was a Supercenter store manager.  I then went to work for Dicks Sporting Goods, and that's where I met Brent, the man who would become my husband! 

When I was 43, I decided that I wanted to have another baby with Brent (who was 66!) (I already had three daughters by this time). A two-year battle with infertility (and a miscarriage) followed, but we were finally blessed with our beautiful daughter, Tasilyn, who is now a busy 2-year-old.

For about a year after her birth, I stayed home and started selling her excess unused baby clothes on Poshmark. That prompted an avalanche of movement as we cleared out her closet. I then started buying wholesale and, without knowing it - began a boutique!

The ball was rolling, so we opened a pop-up boutique for the holidays. The community needed a boutique and a place for women to gather, free of judgment, and just chat. I decided to expand and make the boutique a women's gathering and shopping location.

Brent found a building to rent, and the remodel began.
But things didn't go quite as planned. Just three days before our grand opening, a gas fire gutted the building. We lost pretty much everything.  I refused to give in, so we moved into a nearby warehouse and started again. This time I decided to use Facebook Lives.  Live Facebook sales are our connection to women across the world now.

I am not closed in by a box or one town; I have connections and friends all over the world! And I love it! It's great to let my customers see the fit, style, and fabric on my models or myself. I love to have fun and do goofy things all the time!
I want my customers to laugh, feel included, and have a tribe through social media without leaving their house, car, bathroom. Today Brent, Tasilyn, and I are a small family-run boutique, and we truly dance every time we get a sales notification. Our appreciation of our customers will always be our driving force in continuing the growth of our business.

The things I'm passionate about include equal rights, our Heavenly Father, consistent personal growth throughout my life, Brent, and my baby Tasilyn. 

Thank you so much for supporting us - it means the world to me!